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KMR Blog: Examining Break Bulk Service

What is Breakbulk?

Breakbulk ocean shipping is a common method used to successfully transport cargo or goods that cannot fit in standard-size shipping containers or cargo items. Instead, cargo is transported in bags, boxes, crates, drums, barrels, other handling equipment, or is simply rolled, lifted. Or pushed onto a ship or barge.

Examples of common breakbulk goods include reels and rolls, steel grinders, structural steel, heavy or oversized goods, manufacturing equipment, construction equipment and vehicles.

Benefits of Breakbulk:

1. The ability to move oversized and overweight items that won’t fit in a container or cargo:

  • Equipment or goods that are tedious to break down or oversized can benefit from breakbulk shipping. Instead of breaking down the product to fit into a container or bin, the shipper can send the item in its entirety.

  • Typically, a breakbulk ship is equipped with high capacity deck cranes and additional equipment necessary to load and unload these oversized or heavy goods. Additionally, high deck strength barges are sometimes used to facilitate loading this cargo by rolling it on and off the vessel.

2. Reduced deconsolidation and reconsolidation:

  • Cargo on a breakbulk vessel, such as a barge or ship, doesn’t have to be deconstructed or separated into pieces. Therefore, it may be a more affordable option for shippers with oversized cargo. Ultimately, this leads to a faster delivery time.

3. Goods can even enter non modernized ports that typically would be unable to accommodate larger container ships or tankers:

  • Breakbulk is deliverable to most ports around the world and requires little to no deconsolidation or reconsolidation. When loading and discharging goods at a port, equipment is already available on the ship, which saves time in transporting products.

Explore Your Breakbulk Options with KMR Today!

KMR Global Logistics offers international freight forwarding, warehousing, customs brokerage, logistics, and transportation consulting services to companies around the world. We can work closely with you to assess the best breakbulk shipping options for your out of gauge items and offer practical, cost effective solutions to keep your goods moving.

With our years of expertise and the equipment available to us, we can help you move almost anything to just about any corner of the world. Give us a call today at 604-273-4911.

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