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KMR Blog: What is White Glove Service?

What is White Glove Service?

A white glove service refers to one of many services for shipments that require special attention during shipping. These shipments are usually high value or very fragile and need to be handled with utmost care to prevent damage.

The term “white glove” comes from the white gloves often worn by staff in luxury retailers, hotels, and restaurants.

White glove services are offered by carriers who have highly trained staff that can safely handle and install certain items. Some of their services may also include pre and post inspection; safe and clean transportation, attentive service, delicate handling and custom crating and uncrating – given the nature of the shipment, it is packaged with the appropriate materials to protect it from damage during shipping.

What types of products need White Glove Services?

Certain products need white glove shipping because these will almost always break when not handled correctly. Items such as (but not limited to): electronics and appliances, furniture, medical and lab equipment, luxury goods.

But why opt for White Glove Service?

  • Better customer service with regular follow ups

  • Scheduled and assured deliveries that bring you peace of mind

  • Direct communication with a single point of contact

  • Handled by highly trained and careful professionals which means less chance of damage

  • Full service from start to end

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