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Why Shared Truckloads Are A Better Option

Shared Truckload is the new normal in the trucking industry post Covid.

"This transformative approach provides shippers, carriers, and the planet with more benefits than any other mode, including:

For shippers

  • Minimal handling to keep freight intact

  • Full truckload service to prevent lost freight

  • Direct transit along an efficient route to deliver freight on time

  • Shared trailer space for cost savings of 20% or more

For carriers

  • The ability to fill trucks to capacity with loads that pay more than standard one-pick, one-drop freight

  • Optimized routes that don’t take you out of your way

  • (For TL carriers) Access to the LTL freight market, which has less TL competition and more loads to choose from than the TL market

For the environment

  • Optimized, shared truck space to eliminate wasted fuel and unnecessary trips

  • Streamlined travel that reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 40%

  • Hubless transportation to take carbon-intensive and energy-consuming LTL terminals out of the equation

  • Less need to remanufacture and reship goods that had been previously damaged in LTL facilities"

Read the rest of the article at Flock Freight's, "Why shared truckload is better for shippers and carriers"


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