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B.C. Wildfires Backlog Canada's Freight Supply Chain

BC Wildfires are damaging rail lines which has backlogged Canada's freight supply chain 🔥

CBC reports "Wildfires burning across British Columbia damaged rail lines and brought train shipments to a grinding halt, causing a backlog of deliveries of all sorts of freight that is only now starting to slowly clear. Rail giants CN and CP warned their customers earlier this week that fires damaged major rail lines in the interior of the province, making them unsafe to use. That caused trains to back up along the network, idling thousands of rail cars and stranding their contents.

Canadian miner Teck Resources said it expects it to sell as much as 500,000 fewer tonnes of steelmaking coal due to the rail disruption, as it can't get its product efficiently to customers.

CN told its customers in a bulletin earlier this week that all intermodal traffic (transport between trucks and trains) and carload traffic north and eastbound from Vancouver was affected by the wildfires, as was traffic coming into Vancouver from east and north of Kamloops, B.C."


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